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Born and raised in Fort. Pierce, FL, Ms. Classy has taken the credit and finance industry by storm.

She is a celebrity Credit and Finance Expert, Speaker, Author, and Philanthropist. She is the CEO and Founder of Classy Credit, a Credit Repair Company that specializes in repairing both personal and business credit while also teaching the industries best kept secrets to obtaining wealth.

Ms. Classy is one of the most in-demand Financial Advisors and Credit Specialist. She generated her first million dollars at the age of 29 years old, is a United States Air Force Veteran, a Serial Entrepreneur, and has dedicated her life to helping others obtain financial freedom and create generational wealth.

She now travels the world teaching the industries top secret formulas to wealth. Her teachings have proven to be unmatched resulting in her being in high demand for speaking engagements and coaching.

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Ms. Classy has worked with some of the biggest names in all industries. She is the finance expert behind a lot of the big brand names we see today.

She is trusted as one of the best Credit and Finance Specialist in the industry. Her teachings are known to be life changing and her presence warm and impactful.

Ms. Classy's attention to detail, quality of work and fast results continue to keep her in high demand.



Giving back is near to the heart for Ms. Classy. She gives selflessly throughout the year to numerous charities, businesses, individuals, and communities. To date, she has delivered over $600,000 for funding businesses.  Ms. Classy is a huge advocate for entrepreneurship. She has been known help entrepreneurs generate 6 figures within one year.